Is there a blog about this already? I can’t find it, so I’m trying something here.

Tell me if you have this problem:

You love all kinds of entertainment: TV, movies, books, podcasts, blogs, you name it. You even love to read articles and reviews of the shows, movies, books, podcasts, etc. that you really like, both before and after you’ve finished them.

Only thing is, your preferred topic for entertainment is murder. More specifically: Missing/murdered women/children.

So let’s assume this preference is normal and move on to the issue at hand: Where do you find recommendations for new shows/movies/podcasts/books about your preferred topic?

If there’s a single great source out there, I would love to find it.

Don’t get me wrong, the true crime enthusiasts of the world have created incredible resources for others who are interested in true crime. That’s a well-filled niche. But what about fictional murdery stuff? A few Google searches indicate that the realm of fictional crime novels is also pretty saturated. And the critical mass of true crime podcasts needs no explanation.

But what about TV and film? Personally, I’ve turned TV watching from an unhealthy pastime into my best extracurricular activity. Having a hefty show lineup to look forward to gets me through each week. The highlight of my typical Tuesday is coming home to freshly recorded horrors on my DVR. But for me, finding and vetting shows requires constant vigilance and thoughtful aggregation.

For example, I typically curate recommendations from:

  • Friends who describe something they watched as “dark,” “disturbing,” “twisted,” or any of my other preferred keywords. They know what I like.
  • Anything Karen and Georgia are watching because we have the same taste in TV.
  • Recommendations from Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere, because she has the same taste in creepy fiction books that I do.
  • Websites like the Verge, AV Club, Bustle, Jezebel and others when they review an upcoming show that happens to be about murder.

I jot the titles down into the list app on my phone, and sometimes in Pinterest boards. Then I can set reminders for premiere dates and check them off one by one. It’s not an ideal system, but at least I’ve kept a hit list.

This blog is my way of moving the list off my phone and into a space where others can use it too. And it gives me a space to curate all the good sources I’ve found, because really thoughtful critics and reviews are usually how I find all of the shows, books and podcasts I love so much.

I also want to explore why I only like entertainment that centers around missing and murdered women and children. I’m drawn to stories that seek to unpack the motivations, explanations and consequences of human violence. I crave stories that explore the psychological, sociological, cultural, and completely individual reasons why people inflict terrible harm on one another. I don’t know what I expect to find, or hope to learn, but I never stop seeking out more.

Hopefully my fellow murderinos can enjoy this space – this blog is for you too. Or at least let me know if someone else has already made a blog about this, because I’m dying to read it.