What I’m into right now: April

How I’m currently getting my fix.


I finally gave in to an Amazon Prime free trial and of course this is the first original show I try but…meh? Experiences like this are the reason I seek out show reviews in the first place. I wanted to like it. The soundtrack tries really hard to induce dread, and some scenes actually got my heart rate up if I watched alone with the lights off. But I also had a tendency to leave the room and do housework while the show was playing. Sometimes I just like the background noise while I do less interesting things. I wish the story had more to say about the original eyelid killer’s victims, maybe that would have enticed me more? I’ll probably finish the season anyway because I heard a Twin Peaks reference at one point.

It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards

If you’re a fan of Infowars or Sherry Shriner, you should give this show a try. I haven’t smelled bullshit this strong since I watched that History Channel show that tried to connect H.H. Holmes to Jack the Ripper. (LOL remember Amaryllis Fox?) The idea that one man is behind all of the biggest American cold cases is laughable. Never mind the glaring differences in victimology, method, location, etc. I can’t entertain the idea that some deranged Forrest Gump motherfucker spent 60 years bumbling all over creation while being six degrees of Kevin Bacon away from the most famous unsolved murders of the 20th century. This show feels irresponsible. After Waco I had some high hopes for Paramount Network’s original programming, but we’re one episode in and this is just bananas.

The Perfect Nanny

This book was every bit as impactful and thought provoking as the critics said it would be. I’m tempted to cover it more fully, but I feel like other reviews have already done a thorough job. I most enjoyed author Leila Slimani’s writing style, the way she distills the depth of her characters into such brief observations of truth. I’m not sure how the translation from the original French impacted the authors intended prose, but the story is so deftly written that not a single word or phrase feels unnecessary. I really want to read more from her. Also riveting: Coverage of the actual case.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

With all the murderino fervor around this book’s release, of course I had to join in. I’m not familiar with Michelle McNamara’s work on True Crime Diary, but from reading this book, I know now that I would have followed it fervently while she was alive. I love the tone with which Michelle describes the crimes of the Golden State Killer, as she came to call him. She transports readers to her recreation of a distinct place and time, when a bizarre rapist terrorized Northern California before moving south, where he murdered 11 people. Michelle’s writing is vivid in a way that’s wistful, as if she hoped that visualizing each fatal moment could reveal to her what countless other investigators had missed. She lingers on small details about the neighborhoods the killer prowled, the strange observations noted in his aftermath, the lives of his victims, forever changed. There’s so much to say about this book, which is why I’m glad to have a podcast episode and two book club discussions to work through all of it.

Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo

This season was just as heartbreaking as the first season about Alberta Williams. I cried a few times. CBC true crime podcasts are so emotionally raw, I sometimes wonder if they should be required listening for all of humanity.

And on an unrelated note:

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What are you watching/reading/listening to right now? You know I’m always looking for suggestions.