So I’m finally watching Killing Eve, and I’m here for it

I wasn’t feeling Killing Eve at first. It came across a little peppy for my Scandi-noir-leaning taste and I kept expecting it to turn into Grey’s Anatomy somehow. It wasn’t until Episode 3 when I decided that maybe this show wasn’t fucking around.

Killing Eve has all the elements I typically like in a murder show: Obsessive detective who’s bored with home life, a hot killer, lovely psychological insights into the twisted human mind, and plenty of fun British quips. The only turnoff: The killer is an assassin.

You know how Karen on MFM said she wasn’t very interested in mob murders (excluding Yakuza)? That’s my general feeling on assassins. I’m a motives kind of girl It’s always the psychological aspect of crime that revs my engine. So to me, a killer-for-hire character functions as an action sequence special effect, and that’s kiiiiind of the case with Villanelle early on.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s certainly unhinged, but she doesn’t have a personal motive for killing most of her victims and that bored me a little in the beginning. In Episode 2, when one of her victims asks her why she wants him dead, she blankly replies, “I have no idea.”

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That kinda sealed my opinion for a few weeks until yesterday, when I heard MFM quote some high praise for the show from Emily Nussbaum, whose job I would love to have and whose opinion I value deeply. If this show brings her joy, who am I to give up after only two episodes? Apparently I’m not the only one who got an off first impression.

Maybe Villanelle is more interesting than I give her credit for. She’s definitely a little scary, and I think I like the way she gives no fucks.

The show is only six episodes in so far, so get your ass over to BBC America and binge while the getting’s good.

Side notes:

  • The dialogue is pretty great, although it feels odd to hear Sandra Oh say such British things in her flat American accent. (But how amazing is her hair??)
  • Perhaps it’s my unfamiliarity with British humor showing, but I felt like some of my favorite lines (“I’m not a pumpkin.”) only got a split second to land before the scene ended a little abruptly for my taste. Sometimes I like a few seconds to let the jokes sink in.
  • “Small breasted psycho” isn’t bad for a dating profile bio line, no?
  • Elena is a total murderino. She’s here for the gory stuff and I love it.
  • Maybe I’d be better off watching more British shows, because every time they drink tea I’m reminded to stay hydrated.

***Spoiler side notes:

  • That scene in Episode 3 where Eve’s suitcase shows up at her house and she plops it RIGHT DOWN ON TOP OF HER BEDSHEETS WTF INTERNATIONAL GERMS 😵
  • The Russians are trying to destabilize other regimes to sow world chaos? Shocking!!
  • “I have a thing for bathrooms” is something I’ve actually said before.

What do you think of the show? I’d love to hear your thoughts!