Stories that stuck in my head this week

I love reading long-form articles all week long, and some of them are just begging to be shared. Here are a few of my favorite stories I came across last week:

  • Does anyone else love love love reading Texas Monthly? They have the BEST long-form features about crime and I pray that one day they might pay me to write about a banger case like this throwback, which is at once a Heathers flashback and a reminder that teens are terrifying.
  • After celebrating the impact DNA technology has had on cold murder cases, this article from the NYT was a sobering reminder that while some tech advancements can help to catch murderers, some tech gets hijacked by abusers to gaslight their victims in their own homes.
  • But then again, other technology is helping law enforcement to better prosecute the people charged with domestic abuse, even in situations when the victim declines to participate.
  • Now that the Staircase is on Netflix, everyone and their mom (and my mom) can weigh in on the Owl Theory. Thanks, Wired, for bringing some experts to the table.
  • BRB gotta go watch this documentary ASAP.

How about you? What articles and posts stuck with you lately?