Everything I’m looking forward to in August

As a Leo, I take the month of August very seriously. The 3rd is my birthday, and traditionally it meant I only had a few more weeks of summer left before school started up again – ugh. So once August rolls around, I can’t help but feel like I need to cram in as much summertime fun as I can before it’s back to school/fall/darkness. Let’s just fill the coming month with things that bring us joy, okay?

August 1: The Sinner season 2.

“Dirty” Bill Pullman will be joined by Carrie Coon, my new bestie from the Leftovers and Fargo season 3, but Jessica Biel is staying behind the camera this time.


August 3: I Am a Killer.

Happy birthday to meeeee, there’s a new Netflix documentary interviewing convicted murderers on death row! What else do you need on a Friday?


August 9: Perdida

I can’t find much info on this Netflix original film, and Google results keep directing me to Gone Girl. The title means “lost” so I’m banking on it turning out to be a good missing person drama. Update: I was right!


August 11. The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers.

I’m really digging the Oxygen Network’s rebrand, and the way this series has given us great coverage of some favorite cold cases, Maura Murray and Natalee Holloway. I’m not familiar with Crystal’s case, so you know I’ll be setting my DVR for this one. The trailer will not embed for the life of me, so you’ll have to watch on Oxygen’s site here.


August 19: The Investigator: A British Crime Story: Season 2.

I’m making sure to watch the first season in time for this premiere – it’s one I started but fell off and now I keep seeing it pop up on lists like “best Netflix true crime docs.”


August 20: “Up & Vanished” Season 2

Not a TV show, but one of my favorite podcasts is coming back, hopefully with updates in the Tara Grinstead case. Check out the trailer and/or catch up on season one while you can – it was one of my favorite podcasts to follow last year. I’ve missed you, Payne – “Atlanta Monster” was not the same. (P.S. Rumor has it that season two of Mindhunter will follow the cases of the Atlanta Child Murders – fingers crossed!!)


August 24: Slender Man, the movie

Since I enjoyed the HBO documentary about the two young girls who conspired to murder their friend after overdosing on Creepypasta, I might be here for this too. Who doesn’t love some summer horror?


August 31: We’ve got a twofer!

Inside the Criminal Mind sounds like a fun psychological series, except this one is supposed to be a Netflix original so maybe it’s not the same as this show I found on Amazon? Time will tell. Then there’s Ozark: Season 2, which will hopefully be just as crime-ridden as the first season!

Of course, all of this is just to distract me until the return of my one true love – Riverdale – on October 10. I’m literally counting the days (75).

What are you planning to watch? Which shows are you looking forward to?