TBD release dates I can’t WAIT to put on my calendar

OMG did you hear that the MFM ladies are releasing a book sometime in May 2019?? I can’t wait to preorder it, just like I need to preorder Jo Thornley’s forthcoming book on cults.

It’s one thing when I can count down the days until my next favorite shows and movies will premiere, but tantalizing announcements that leave me hanging are the worst. Really though, I need things to look forward to. Here’s what I’m holding on for:

  • First up, a biggie that the MFM community has been hyping up for a minute now: Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Basically my favorite film adjectives strung together. I totally would see this movie even if it weren’t starring Zac Efron, but in all honestly I am ABSOLUTELY HERE for Zac Efron, whom I have loved from afar since…2006? As if we all needed another excuse to fawn over Ted Bundy, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Of course I’m also looking forward to the documentary Theodore, release date also unknown. I could learn about Bundy all day, so sue me.
  • Season two of Making a Murderer is coming….eventually!
  • Looks like another Kettering Incident season might be on the horizon, someday? I can’t find an update from this year but according to a vague comment buried somewhere on the show’s Facebook page, a second season is in the works.
  • Then this documentary about the Long Island Serial Killer, which is one of my favorite unsolved cases. Did you watch the Killing Season cover the murders and the victims? Soooo good.
  • Hell yeah HBO, give us the Adnan Syed case update that we’ve been waiting on for the past four years. Apparently his case won’t be revisited in the upcoming season of Serial, set to launch sometime this fall.
  • Not murder-related, but who didn’t love the slew of stories about notorious fake socialite/grifter Anna Delvey? (If you haven’t, please go read, v. worth it.) Good thing Netflix won’t let a great story go untold, and luckily for us this offering will mark Shonda Rhimes’ debut on the streaming service – double yaaaassss.
  • We’ll be blessed with this Chris Pine true crime-inspired gem “sometime next January.” It looks like Pine is playing George Hodel, a doctor who was one of the prime suspects in the murder of Elizabeth Short, aka the Black Dahlia.


Which new releases are you looking forward to?