I finally watched Barry and you should too

After Killing Eve won my heart earlier this year, I finally sat down one night last week to casually check out that other assassin show I’d heard so many great things about. Then I proceeded to crush all eight episodes in one sitting.

Barry is an ex-Marine hitman who, like many of us, feels unfulfilled by his job and longs for something more meaningful than taking out mobsters in Ohio. When a hit for the Chechen mob brings him to Los Angeles, he tracks his target to an acting class taught by Henry Winkler and decides to stick around. After befriending his optimistic amateur classmates, including the serious aspiring actress Sally, he begins to build a new vision for his life. But despite his desire to start over, Barry learns that his criminal career isn’t something he can easily leave behind.

It’s a weird as hell premise that works in the best way. I low-key love shows about LA people making fun of LA people, and this one gave me huge belly laughs that probably frightened my neighbors.

The dark part of this comedy that really makes it work is the thoughtful investigation into what makes a person evil. Is someone a murderer if they’re only following orders? Barry justifies his murders to himself by asserting that the people he kills are bad, or that the situation requires him to kill. But as he becomes more and more desperate to leave his life of crime, he must work harder and harder to convince himself that he’s actually still a good guy, deep down. All Barry needs is a fresh start, and he might actually get away with it.

The whole first season is only four hours, you guys. Just do it.

Did you watch Barry or Killing Eve? Are you into assassin shows now too?