Get in the holiday spirit with these hair-raising horror movies

I may not have a costume picked out, but I’ve got big plans to pregame Halloween with several scary movies that will likely interfere with my sleep. Sure, there are plenty of Halloween classics to revisit, but right now I’m reminded of all the freaky/creepy films I’ve been collecting on my “watch list” for months – what better time to finally indulge?

If you’re planning your own scary movie night, check out these terrifying thrillers with me! 

Warm-Up Watches

Light-hearted (ish?) movies and shows I can’t wait to binge:

1. Marrowbone

If you enjoyed Switch, you might be equally terrified for Anna Taylor-Joy in this slow-burning thriller set in a rural ’60s town. The movie is full of familiar young actors and caught my interest with this pretty good review.

2. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

As a Riverdale devotee, I fully expect this remake to be much scarier and sexier than the original.

3. The Haunting of Hill House

This one actually looks pretty creepy as well, and the reviews don’t sound half bad:

4. Making a Murderer

Season 2 comes out October 19!

Super Scary Selections 

If I really want to upset myself, I plan on turning off the lights and turning on one of these:

1. The Vanishing

This came recommended by a family friend, who claimed that the freak-out factor of someone disappearing from a gas station can’t be beat.

2. Hereditary

Since this movie has been hyped as the most frightening thing anyone could possibly watch, why not test that theory in mid-October?

3. Hounds of Love

If you don’t think this film looks like pure, unadulterated terror, you might be beyond reproach.

4. Mother!

(And maybe also Mother)

After all the hoopla surrounding this movie’s theater run last year, you know I had to read every spoiler-ridden review. Perhaps that prepared me to actually watch the movie itself? We’ll see….

5. The Exorcist

I’m embarrassed that I still haven’t seen this classic. This Halloween, it’s going down.

Frightening favorites:

Horror movies that I definitely recommend, even if I’m too terrified to rewatch them.

1. It Follows

Sex is scary, children.

2. The Babadook

Also very scary: Children with Australian accents.

3. Rosemary’s Baby

(I know, I know. But this movie is nuts.)

4. The Witch

Perhaps my favorite scary movie released in the past few years – and my girl Anna Taylor-Joy rocks it. For political reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend.

For your Stephen King fix

You can always binge Castle Rock on Hulu. The Shining and The Green Mile are also available on Netflix this month, as well as originals 1922 and Gerald’s Game, neither of which I had the fortitude to finish. By the way, did you watch It yet?

For your post-holiday hangover: Suspiria

Unfortunately the incredibly creepy-looking remake won’t be in theaters until November 2, but the original is still pretty fun to watch.

Not loving my list? 

Thankfully Netflix has you covered with a full calendar of spoopy movies for the month! Check out this guide on Apartment Therapy for day-by-day recommendations!

What are your favorite scary movies? What are you watching for Halloween?