I hoped to get scared this Halloween, but I found great fall fashion inspo instead

I’m proud to report that I managed to watch all the seasonally appropriate movies and shows on my bucket list except for The Vanishing, which I still hope to rope Stephen into joining me for, and The Hounds of Love, which I couldn’t bear to witness alone or subject others to either. We’ll get there, don’t worry.

Horror junkie bonus: How many of these new-cannon classics have you seen? (I’m only at 9 out of 13 so far.)

My Halloween Highlights

Silence of the Lambs

I know. I actually hadn’t seen this classic before, so when my friend suggested it as a viewing option for my Halloween movie party, it was an easy yes. Most of our audience self-identified as spineless weenies, and Anthony Hopkins violated their horror comfort level just enough to make the experience thrilling. (This was also after I’d egged them into joining me to get tarot readings, so it was a boundary-pushing kind of evening.) Silence of the Lambs is as old as I am, and I was a little surprised how much of the movie’s serial killer wisdom still rang true today. It was easy to see where Mindhunter found their inspiration.

It was also easy to see that plaid blazers were all the fucking rage in 1991.

Fingers crossed I can find a gem like this while thrift hunting…

And you know what all that plaid brought to mind? The fantastic fashion of Twin Peaks.


Sweater heaven.

Perfect vibes for for fall 2018, and a (subjectively) not-unwearable interpretation of the retro ’80s and ’90s revival we saw on the runways. Once the temperatures finally drop I plan to layer some long print dresses with chunky sweaters, oversized blazers and cowboy boots for an interpretation I like to call “Twin Peaks prairie prep.”

Now all I need is the right blazer

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

LOVED IT. A lot like Riverdale, but less sex and more Satan. I finished it in three days and it felt nice to enjoy a spooky show that was dark but not terrifying. There are certainly unsettling, gory and disturbing moments throughout, but Sabrina felt more like a horror-tinged dramedy than the other way around.

 Moody lipstick for the win.

Don’t sleep on Sabrina — it’s a whip-smart teen show that has a lot to say about dogma and ideology, cleverly using Satanism as a stand-in to represent “mainstream” religion, the patriarchy, and fervent belief in general, forcing the characters and the audience to grapple with how these power structures reflect real life.

Most importantly, while binging Sabrina last weekend I finally pulled together my last-ditch Halloween costume: a basic witch. Mostly it was an excuse to finally rock the deep burgundy lipstick I’d received as a gift and never had the balls to wear out before.

I couldn’t find a hat but see my Sabrina Spellman headband? Totally a witch thing.


It’s as good as everyone says, and pretty damn disturbing. Like The Haunting of Hill House (also a tense and jumpy watch), each scene is framed to direct your eyes to the scary shit, and the wide angle view effect is eerie as hell. I loved when the camera would pan through the house and give an “objective view of the scene,” like an eye gazing through one of Toni Collette’s character’s home dioramas.

There are tiny houses all over the house!

I did a good job of not reading any spoilers about this film, or any plot descriptions really, so I felt each twist and turn hard. I actually screamed out loud within the last twenty minutes. Also, I had no idea Ann Dowd would be here?? Oops, sorry for the spoiler. But for all the spineless weenies out there: If you can manage to watch it, you ought to.

Truthfully didn’t get any style inspo from this movie, I just want to confirm the general consensus that it was just very, very good.

How was your Halloween? What spooky stuff did you enjoy?