What to watch in February

The bad news: We don’t have quite as many premieres to look forward to as we did in January.

The good news: You’ll be hard-pressed to pick what to watch first on Friday.

2/1: Russian Doll (Netflix)

If you need a new mind bender to puzzle over, this looks promising. Glorious ginger Natasha Lyonne plays a game coder stuck in a Groundhog Day loop where she must die and relive her 36th birthday again and again, but apparently the less we know going in, the better. This review said it’s an ideal weekend binge, which is exactly how I plan to enjoy it. And a note to all TV networks: the limited series with 30-minute episodes is the most perfect show format, please keep it up.

2/1: Velvet Buzzsaw (Netflix)

An influential/insufferable art critic stumbles upon a collection of unknown work, but as he digs into the dark background of the artist, the bodies begin to pile up. Frankly, it sounds stupendous. Excellent name, bonus points for Jake Gyllenhaal’s excellent haircut.

2/1: The ABC Murders (Amazon Prime)

A mysterious letter writer killing his victims in alphabetical order? Heads up, Agatha Christie fans. Also: John Malkovitch fans.

2/8: White Dragon (Amazon Prime)

A London professor seeks to uncover the truth behind his wife’s mysterious death in a car accident on a mountain road near Hong Kong. Secret lives, police misconduct, possible assassination? Bring it on.

2/14: Dirty John hits Netflix

Perfect timing for your anti V-Day binge! If you’re still thirsty, chase it with Oxygen’s Dirty Truth documentary.

2/15: Lorena (Amazon Prime)

This documentary reexamines the case of Lorena and John Bobbitt through a lens of sexual and domestic violence. Personally I’m really looking forward to a deeper exploration of the violence at the heart of the incident that too easily turned into a punchline for cheap laughs.

Interesting side note: The same lawyer who defended Lorena Bobbitt was just hired on to defend the accused in Radford’s recent hometown murder.

2/17: BTK: A Killer Among Us (ID)

For the first time, the killer’s daughter is sharing her story on TV, as part of the promotion for her forthcoming book, A Serial Killer’s Daughter. It’s a slow month, why not brush up on a classic?

Speaking of which…

Did you enjoy Netflix’s Ted Bundy documentary? Personally I found it to be a little dry, but I’m trying to contain my excitement for director Joe Berlinger’s next Ted-themed release sometime later this year…complete with method research of how Bundy manipulated his victims. Tone issues aside, it’s clear that Efron is definitely nailing the turtleneck sweaters. What are your thoughts?

Any premieres I missed? What are you excited to watch??