What’s in your podcast cue?

How’s your spring 2019 entertainment shaping up so far? I can’t complain — with all of these podcasts I’ve got quite a lineup to look forward to during my commute each week. Here are the highlights of what I’m listening to lately – comment and share your favorites too!


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Domestic violence cases infuriate me, but the disappearance of Susan Powell is on another level of aggravating. If you found The Teacher’s Pet to be riveting, I encourage you to give this podcast a listen. When this wife and mother of two goes missing from her home in Salt Lake City, her suspicious AF husband Josh seems disconcertingly unconcerned, and the case quickly escalates into one of the more bizarre stories I’ve ever heard. (It might be a close tie with Black Hands – I can’t get enough of these freaky families.) Honestly I can’t fathom why no one simply stood up and made a citizen’s arrest of Josh Powell simply for being so deeply, inexplicably and upsetting-ly weird. This whole story is weird. Just listen.

Crime Writers On…

Confession: I haven’t actually listened to this one yet, partly because we seem to be working on the same time frame and so far I’m already watching whatever it is they’re talking about in their most current episode. But I subscribed to see what they were talking about watching/listening to, so I’ll happily pass their recommendations on to you!

Southern Fried True Crime

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This one came recommended by my friend Kaylor, so I took her advice and started with an early two-parter, The Ballad of Zach and Addie. It’s a strange, twisted story of love gone wrong, and it hooked me on host Erica’s soothing drawl and prosaic narration style. I know I’ll be binging this one for weeks to come.

Route 29 Stalker

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This investigative podcast, which just completed its first season, seeks to stir up new leads concerning several cases of missing and murdered women along the Route 29 corridor in Virginia, aka my hometown murders. I only just started listening but I already love the husband-wife sleuth duo dynamic, and I’m curious to hear what they uncover together.

Coming up: Disgraceland

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Have you heard this one yet? The third season starts in March with two episodes about Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. I haven’t listened to this rock and roll true crime podcast before, but now that they’re covering the death of one of my favorite musicians, it seems like the perfect time to subscribe. (Also: How great is their artwork??)

Bonus listen: Big Chick Energy

This playlist of fabulous female artists is great motivation when you need music instead of murder (Like everyone else, I just can’t stop binging Ariana’s most recent masterpiece).

Those are the highlights from my queue, what are you listening to lately? What do you recommend?