There’s just too much to watch in March

Look, I know it’s already the 20th, but frankly this month is so loaded with bingeable shows that I think we’ll all be watching from a backlog into April. Here’s what I (rightly or wrongly) thought sounded most interesting:

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann (Netflix)

A most conflicting and intriguing surprise Friday drop.

The Order (Netflix)

For those who enjoyed Elite, Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, or even oldie Hemlock Grove, enjoy some over-the-top camp right this way. In fact, it feels a little bit like Netflix wanted a do-over of Hemlock Grove and this series is their second revision. I swept/slept through the whole season while couch-ridden with the flu, and I found it to be perfectly mindless.

After Life (Netflix)

Because I loved Russian Doll, The Leftovers and Maniac, I’m sticking with the existential comedy theme and including shows that ponder the impact of death and loss on a grander emotional and ethical scale. Also, this series about cranky widower Ricky Gervais and his drop-dead gorgeous dog just looks pretty funny up front.

Shadow (Netflix)

In the first original series from South Africa, a vigilante cop who physically can’t feel pain patrols the streets of Johannesburg to fight crime. Sorta sounds like Dexter meets Luke Cage, perhaps?

The Case Against Adnan Syed (HBO)

Time is a flat circle, and four years after the debut of Serial’s world-altering first season, this four-part HBO documentary series is taking us back to the story that kicked off our current fascination with true crime. Veteran documentarian Amy Berg picks up Adnan Syed’s story right where Serial left off, re-investigating the details of the case and covering the sequence of events that have taken place in the years since. (Refresh your memory of the case details and timeline here.)

(Side note: Although Adnan’s supporters may be disappointed to see that he isn’t being granted a new trial, let’s remember that Hae Min Lee’s family didn’t ask for this.)

Green Door (Netflix)

I couldn’t find much detail about this Chinese series, but it appears to have the makings of a fun mystery box show like Homecoming, I hope.

The Act (Hulu)

Did you watch HBO’s 2017 documentary, Mommy Dead and Dearest? If not, go ahead and catch up now, just so you can compare how well the actors in this Hulu series imitate their real-life subjects. I, for one, can’t wait to see Patricia Arquette as Dee Dee Blanchard.

3/22: The OA Season 2 (Netflix)

Remember a few years ago when we all watched this weird-ass Brit Marling show on a whim and then the final episode made us regret having dedicated a whole weekend to this endeavor? Well, let’s go back for another round!

3/22: Crime Diaries: The Candidate (Netflix)

This new dramatized anthology series of unsolved crimes from Latin America kicks off with the murder of Mexican politician and presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio, who was assassinated at a campaign rally in 1994. I’m curious if it’ll be just as engaging as American Crime Story‘s past two seasons.

3/22: Delhi Crime (Netflix)

More international crime to fill your Friday!

3/22: Us (theaters)

If you need a messy, scary thriller to strike terror into your spring break, Director Jordan Peele’s horror follow-up should do the trick.

3/24: Knightfall Season 2 (History)

Look, I’m not saying this show is “good.” (Vikings is good.) But I am saying that Tom Cullen is hot. Plus they got Mark Hamill to join the cast this season, so sure, I’ll set my DVR for another round! Go ahead and catch up on the first season on demand.

3/29: The Highwaymen (Netflix)

Bonny and Clyde are cool and whatever, but this movie gives us the Yellowstone + True Detective mashup we never asked for by starring both Kevin Costner AND Woody Harrelson!

3/31: Barry is back for season 2!! (HBO)

If you didn’t already majorly enjoy season one, rest assured that you can comfortably binge it in a weekend. Or less, if you don’t have much else going on. Either way, make it a personal priority.

If you manage to polish all that off and still want more, check out these new additions to Netflix:

Winter’s Bone

This is the film that put J Law on critics’ radars, thanks to her powerfully stoic performance as an Ozark teenager searching the snowy wilderness for her missing ne’er-do-well father.

Your Son (Tu Hijo)

After his son is brutally beaten outside of a nightclub, one father plots his revenge against the assailants.

River’s Edge

In what sounds like an ominous precursor to Twin Peaks, this 1986 drama follows a teenager who murders his girlfriend, leaves her body lying on the bank of a river outside of town, and inspires moral crises in the psyches of the friends he invites to gawk at her remains. Will someone call an adult?? Might watch just to see babyface Keanu Reeves.

Which shows are you most excited for? What else are you excited to watch this month??