The best part of spring is the perennials

It turns out I was a little over-ambitious with my March watch list. For all the new premieres I was looking forward to, the only one I’ve stuck with so far is The Act (Are you watching?? Check out Killing for Love while you’re on Hulu). Other than that, I’ve been a little disappointed, or at least un-intrigued by most of the new shows I scoped out.

Truthfully, the only March show that I actually binged and couldn’t stop thinking about was the second season premiere of The OA, which somehow managed to be both epically zanier and more thoughtfully cohesive than the first super-weird go-round. As much as I want to discuss it in a post, I think I’m still processing it all. So in other words, I highly recommend.

But it got me thinking: sequels are where it’s at this spring. Looking at April premieres, this month is filled with second seasons for the win. Dive back in:


He’s back, and as dark as ever! If you missed the premiere on Sunday, get caught up in time for the new episode this weekend.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Hopefully the winter holiday special episode was enough to hold you over until this weekend, when our favorite platinum blonde witch returned for a second season of school kid drama and Satanism! Now you know how I’ll be spending my Saturday.

Killing Eve

The most anticipated return this spring that isn’t GOT. Although I’m not sure which I’m more excited to see again: Sandra Oh’s hair or Villanelle’s insane wardrobe.

Watch it on BBC America, AMC or Hulu

Bonus: Look for Fleabag Season 2 on May 17

Truthfully I’ve had three years to explore this show and haven’t made the time because I’m mostly certain it lacks murder. But it sounds very feministy and fun, so I plan to finally give it a watch before season 2 hits.

These shows ought to hold you over until April 14, at which point everyone will be talking about Game of Thrones anyway. But just in case…


Confession: I’ve been really off my podcast game lately, and I’m not sure if I’m burned out on true crime or just too busy singing along to this on Spotify. (All I’ve really kept up with is To Live and Die in LA – are you listening?) Either way, I plan to turn it around by digging into these new and upcoming shows.

Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad

The MFM Ladies’ nifty new podcast network is giving the people exactly what they want by reuniting the dream team of reporter Billy Jensen and detective Paul Holes, who proved themselves modern day heroes for their contributions to the Golden State Killer Investigation and I’ll Be Gone In the Dark last year. I can’t wait to hear what they’re up to in this next venture.

Uncover: The Village

After listening to the previous season on NXIVM, I’m eager to dive into the new season’s coverage of the man who was recently convicted for the slaying of eight queer men in Toronto’s Gay Village.

Charged: A True Punishment Story

If you enjoyed Slow Burn‘s second season, or Slate Presents: Standoff about the 1992 Ruby Ridge Incident, be sure to check out Charged, the latest installment from Slate. In the vein of Serial’s most recent season, Charged will explore the legal bureaucracy of New York’s gun court system, the people impacted by it and the soul-crushing gap between policy intent and execution.

What are you tuning in for this month?