It’s my 1-year blogiversary!

It finally happened: I got the notification that WordPress renewed my domain, and suddenly I’ve been writing – as a blogger – for a full year. I can’t believe this is my 50th post! 😵

When I started i only like murder, my goal was to serve as a resource for entertainment-hungry murderinos like myself. It’s been fun super fun so far, and over the past year I’ve learned a ton about how to make critical recommendations. In IRL, I’m starting to feel like something like a murderino influencer among my friends and coworkers, which is basically my biggest dream come true.

When someone asks me what I’m watching in casual conversation, I love having a beloved top show to wholeheartedly suggest to them. When someone wants to swap podcasts, I eagerly inquire about what they’re most excited to tune in to each week. I skim entertainment news coverage regularly enough to know the trending conversations, and I try to identify a space for my own contributions. I relish in enjoying the same high profile shows that everyone else is talking about, but I truly love encouraging friends to check out something different that I think they’d enjoy (aka Killing Eve). There’s nothing better than having a friend who can recommend just the thing they know you’ll love, and I aspire to be that friend for anyone who needs one.

On that note, in the past year I’ve also developed more of a system for finding out about up and coming true crime. In reporter terms, this is my beat. For the most part, my research involves aggregating dozens of sources into my own network of hot tips and press releases. It’s not a perfect system by any means, but here’s what I do to find the best scoops.

Entertainment news articles and releases

It took awhile, but I’ve started to identify the strongest sources: The A.V. Club and Vulture, especially for their true crime newsletter with weekly podcast roundups and show reviews. These two cover every step of the story of a new show, from breaking news of showrunners, writers and cast members as they sign on to a project, to sharing the first teaser trailers and announcing premiere dates, to recapping individual episodes and reviewing whole series. There are definitely more sources out there to work with, but I’ve found that following at least these two is enough to know where the cultural conversation stands at a given moment.

My tip: Use a blog reader tool like Feedly to curate and digest your favorite sources.

“Coming this month” posts

At the end of each month, I always pore through the “Here’s what’s coming to Netflix/Amazon Prime/HBO/Hulu this month” articles, and I search for “new tv premieres” on a seasonal basis. With each new list of releases, I’ll often Google-search individual show titles to find out what they’re about and whether they’re of interest to myself, or other murderinos. Sometimes I try to round up every show that sounds vaguely murdery, other times I narrow it down to what I truly want to watch. I’m still figuring out the best system for me.

Google alerts

Good ol’ fashioned daily alert emails help me find news stories that slip through the cracks in my coverage. I only have two alerts set at the moment (true crime and “true crime”), but as I work toward posting more frequently, I hope to expand my sources along with my content.

Facebook groups

Although my fervor for My Favorite Murder has waned of late, I’m still deeply in love with the murderino community and I always turn to them for the best recommendations. If a show is getting lots of discussion in my murderino Facebook groups, I pay attention. Reading posts about what my fellow fans are watching tells me which shows are still fresh, and what everyone thinks about them.

Other blogs!

Through Feedly and WordPress, I’m continuing to discover and curate new sources and voices for my true crime fix. CrimeReads is one that I’ve come to rely on for book reviews (along with Grace Atwood’s excellent Book Club), and The Killing Times is a great resource for UK-based releases. Blogs are also an awesome way to discover other murderinos with similar passions, like Erica with her true crime blog, Curious and Curiouser. I’ll continue to share more of these blogs as I discover them, and down the road I hope to add a place on the blog to showcase my favorite sources.

Until then, cheers to one full year of only liking murder!

Where do you get your true crime news? What are your favorite blogs and best sources?