These spring premieres look super great

After feeling unimpressed with many of last month’s new premieres, I’m excited to say that May is looking pretty fantastic. Between movie remakes, slasher thrillers and some dark-looking limited series, we’ll have plenty to enjoy long after we’ve finished GOT. Here are the highlights I’m definitely tuning in for:

May 1 – The Name of the Rose (Sundance TV)

Fun fact – I watched the original adaptation of this movie in my freshman year Western philosophy class! This version stars John Turturro as William of Baskerville, a Franciscan monk who helps to investigate several murders at a monastery in the Alps.

May 3 – Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (Netflix)

We’ve waited a long time for this, and now it’s arriving just in time for my mother’s birthday.

Happy birthday, Mom!

May 3 – Dead to Me (Netflix)

A dark buddy comedy, where one of them is a little bit crazy and has a scary secret? Bring it.

May 6 – Chernobyl (HBO)

AMC’s masterpiece The Terror was one of my favorite shows last year, so I’m extra excited to see Jared Harris acting out another horrific historical event in this upcoming limited series.

May 10 – Charlie Says (theaters)

In the mood for more Manson? Start with this adaptation starring Matt Smith, whose costume looks not entirely unlike the GEICO caveman. Although the reviews I’ve read haven’t been awesome, I’m still intrigued by the story’s apparent focus on the aftermath of Manson’s female followers.

May 17 – Trial by Fire (AMC)

Brace yourself for this adaptation of the heartbreaking case of Cameron Todd Willingham, the young Texas father who was accused of setting the house fire that killed his three children in 1991 (you’ve likely seen the Law and Order: SVU episode). Willingham is convicted on the basis of “junk science” forensics, and Laura Dern stars as a school teacher who strives to prove his innocence and rescue him from death row.

May 18 – The Blackcoat’s Daughter (Netflix)

Both Emma Roberts and Sabrina starring in a slasher film from 2015?? Sign me up.

May 24 –The Perfection (Netflix)

Speaking of slasher films, this one reviewer’s take has me completely intrigued:

I’m just going to straight with you: you shouldn’t watch the trailer for The Perfection. But you should pencil May 24, 2019 into your calendar because that’s the day this movie drops on Netflix and you should set aside two hours to watch it. And you should know as little as possible. Because I’m going to be straight with you again: seeing this movie totally blind to what it was about at Fantastic Fest last year was a highlight of my moviegoing life. Seriously.

Jacob Hall for

So naturally I will not watch this trailer, but view it if you must:

May 24 – What/If (Netflix)

Another super mysterious thriller set to premiere on the same day, but featuring Renée Zellweger’s TV debut! Perhaps this will become our next favorite mystery box series?

May 31 – When They See Us (Netflix)

If you haven’t watched director Ava DuVernay’s masterful documentary 13TH, you absolutely should. Personally I believe her work should be mandatory viewing for all humans, and I have very high expectations for this four-part limited series about the Central Park Five, five young teenagers who were wrongfully accused and convicted of rape in 1990.

Lastly, I couldn’t find much detail about these shows, but might they might be murdery enough to warrant a watch:

May 1 – Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer Season 2 (Netflix)

May 1The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper (Hulu)

May 3 Alles ist Gut (“All is Good”) (Netflix)

May 4 The Clovehitch Killer (Hulu)

May 31 – Killer Ratings (Netflix)

What are you most excited to watch?